High School Volleyball Teams Look Forward to New Season

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It's game week in Connecticut for high school sports as players and coaches look forward to what they hope is a more normal fall sports season.

"I'm so excited," said Woodland senior Cassidy Doiron. "I've been looking forward to it since the season ended suddenly last year."

"Practices are just so exciting," added Woodland senior Kylie Bulinski. "We're just ready to get out and play a normal game."

Volleyball teams had a season in 2020, but they did not have a traditional postseason and they did not get the opportunity to play for a state championship.

"It's just very different from last season because there were so many restrictions because of COVID," said Woodland senior Rory Nolan. "Now we get to actually play together and make it to the postseason hopefully."

Like last year, all players and coaches will be required to wear masks during the games.

"They're used to the masks from last year so it seems like they're going to be ready to play volleyball all the way through," said Woodland volleyball head coach Jim Amato.

High school volleyball competition begins on Thursday, September 9.

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