New Britain Baseball Players Use Jerseys to Give Thanks as They End High School

Anyone who has played a team sport knows wearing your team name comes with a lot of pride.

"It's so much pride, ever since my freshman year, I always had Hurricanes on my back and I knew for sure when I came in it was going to mean something more than just a uniform,” said New Britain baseball senior Danniel Rivera.

Every New Britain baseball player knows what that “more” means.

"We run down to first base and touch first base every time,” said senior Kevin Slisz. “That's something that stressed but it shows that we respect the game of baseball and that we're proud to be a Hurricane."

So, a jersey with that much meaning, can't be left to sit in the closet when it’s not being worn. For every game that the hurricanes play here in New Britain, they give their away jersey some playing time too by passing it off to a school staff member who has made a positive impact on them.

"It bled into me when he gave it to me,” said Jeffrey Taddeo, who got this game’s jersey from Slisz. “Because I really felt, even my posture was better. I stood tall because I was so happy.”

Rivera gave his to art teacher, Evan Fabel, who rarely misses a baseball, football or basketball game.

"And it's so nice to see that love and passion that I put in, because I truly enjoy seeing every game, come right back to me here in the classroom.”

Hurricanes head coach Roberto Mercado started this tradition about seven years ago. He says each player has to tell him not just who, but also why, they have chosen that specific staff member.

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