Ollie Expects Big Things From Calhoun

Omar Calhoun averaged 32 minutes and 11.1 points a game as a freshman, but a sophomore slump saw his playing time -- and production -- slip to 13 minutes and 3.8 points. It was a tough six months for the shooting guard, even as the Huskies were on their way to winning a second national title in three years.

But coach Kevin Ollie has complete faith in Calhoun, who was also recovering from surgery on both hips heading into the 2013-14 season.

“He’s healthy, springy, even more explosive,” Ollie said, via the Hartford Courant. “He’s shooting the ball great, in workouts he is leading, working hard. I expect some great things for him this season. Him not giving up, staying with the team throughout his battles, not shooting the ball well, he never gave in, he was always a great teammate. That’s what I really, really enjoyed seeing because a lot of kids give up in certain situations like that, when it gets tough. It shows me that he‘s got a mind-set that he’s going to be a team player and he’s going to get better from that.”

Back in the spring, while Calhoun was buried on the bench, there was talk that he might transfer. But Calhoun quickly dismissed the idea.

 "Yeah, yeah, definitely," Calhoun said at the time of his intentions to remain in Storrs. "Coach (Kevin) Ollie’s a great guy, he definitely knows what kind of player I am. He’s going to keep working with me. Offseason, I’m definitely going to put a lot of work in and build in to be the kind of player I’m supposed to be.”

And so far, that plan appears to be on course.

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