Pair of Waterbury Golfers to Represent the City on National Stage

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"I really like to be around the golf course, on the golf course and watching golf," golfer Laniah Moffet said.

"I'm at the table, I'm talking about golf, I'm sleeping and I'm thinking about golf to put me to sleep. I wake up and I'm like, 'What am I going to do today?' Golf," golfer Aoife Devaney said.

All that hard work is paying off for a pair of golfers from Waterbury. Moffet and Devaney will be representing the city on the national stage this year.

Devaney qualified to play in the U.S. Girls Junior Championship later this month and in September, Moffet will head to the famed Pebble Beach to play with a PGA Tour Championship player as one of 78 golfers selected from first tee programs across the country.

Both golfers hope to show that players from Waterbury can compete.

"It's different from somebody from Florida because they play all year round unlike us," Moffet said.

"I'm out there when it's like pouring rain. I played when it was snowing. I play when it snows, we work just as hard as they do," Devaney said.

"It kind of still hasn't set in that I'm actually going to play at Pebble Beach. I'm the only one from Connecticut and from such a small town that nobody would expect. I can go out there and I can show that you can't underestimate us. The both of us," Moffet said.

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