Giant plush whale hockey mascots prefer blondes

The profile page for Vancouver Canucks mascot Fin reveals that his favorite book is "Moby Dick," his least favorite team nickname is "Hartford Whalers" and among his special skills is "shooting mist from his blowhole." Nowhere does it state that Fin has a raging fetish for placing his mouth on blonde Hollywood starlets at hockey games. Perhaps it's time for an edit.

Please recall this classic image from January, in which Fin got to know Pam Anderson in a way that only Tommy Lee, Kid Rock, Bret Michaels, Marcus Schenkenberg, Rick Salomon, Scott Baio, a sheik ... and so on. This scene is perhaps the best use of an artificially pasted-on smile since the automatic pilot from "Airplane!"

Well, Fin has struck again, according to Jezebel:

That would be actress and former Ellen DeGeneres squeeze Anne Heche sharing an intimate moment with the Canucks mascot. The jolly gentleman in back of her doesn't seem too impressed, what with his sticking a foam finger down his throat. Maybe he's just recalling her role in that remake of "Psycho." Does Fin know he's messing around with "Celestia, the reincarnation of God?"

We'll leave the obvious and crude joke to TMZ's headline writers. Thanks to Wrap Around Curl for the tip.

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