Shine up that Emmy: Jeremy Roenick's cameo on TNT's ‘Leverage'

What's fascinating about San Jose Sharks center and video game legend Jeremy Roenick's Internet Movie Database page isn't just that Jeremy Roenick has an Internet Movie Database page. Hell, Gary Bettman even has one, and he really hasn't done anything since "Aliens."

No, the interesting thing about Roenick is that he has actual acting credits besides playing himself on various ESPN and Fox Sports talk shows. Do you remember his classic Juilliard-trained moments on:

• CBS's "Ghost Whisperer," in which Roenick played an assistant coach in the 2006 episode "Giving Up the Ghost" while doing his best not to stare at Jennifer Love Hewitt's co-stars?
• CBS's "Hack," in which Roenick owned the role of Desk Sergeant in the short-lived series about a vigilante taxi driver?
• HBO's "Arli$$," in which Roenick played ... well, it appears he was himself in two episodes. But holding his own on such a beloved and respected television program certainly does require due credit.

This week, Roenick added another credit to that Morgan Freeman-like collection of memorable roles: Building Security Guard on the TNT show "Leverage," a heist-filled drama starring Timothy Hutton that airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST. His job was to get duped by a beautiful woman with a bad accent, who complimented Roenick by saying he was "good with his hands." She must have been watching some highlights from the 1993 Chicago Blackhawks before the show.

Despite mugging like a chimp in a Clint Eastwood comedy, Roenick was rather pleased with his performance in a jokey press debriefing this week. From Working the Corners:

"I wasn't the problem. It was the other actors. They made the mistakes. I just held my ground and did a good job." ... How many takes did the director need? "I'm a one-shot wonder. It didn't take me long at all. Looked at my lines once and let's go. I'm good at improvising too. I'm very good at facial expressions."

Thanks to TNT for the following clip, which captures the glory that is Jeremy Roenick: Master Thespian. Or James Woods's stunt double. One of the two:

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