Video: Boston Bruins take on Pearl Jam in Rock Band 2

The odds that an NHL player will attend a charity event greatly increase when they involve food, women or goofy fun to be had. The Boston Bruins Foundation's 19th annual Wives' Charity Carnival had at least two of the three, including Chuck Kobasew challenging fans in ping-pong and Michael Ryder battling brave souls in knock-hockey. (Did he need a center to help him score?)

As Hub Hockey notes, the main event took place during a game of "Rock Band 2," as Milan Lucic (guitar), Mark Stuart (lead vocals), Matt Lashoff (bass) and Blake Wheeler (drums) tore the roof off the Garden by performing Pearl Jam's 'Alive.'" Boy, did they:

Wow ... that might be the best Pearl Jam cover band since Creed.

In true "Rock Band" and/or "Guitar Hero" fashion, all the Boston Bruins players started getting their metal god faces on as the song progressed. Well, all except for Blake Wheeler, who looked like he was taking a driver's test.

Also, the videographer seems to have a bit of a foot fetish, no?

Is there a certain amount of blasphemy in Boston-based athletes choosing a Seattle grunge band over an Aerosmith song on "Guitar Hero"? No more so than Matt Lashoff looking like a redwood on bass when Jeff Ament hops around like an exploding popcorn kernel on stage.

Obviously, as their teams continue to pace the Eastern Conference, the question becomes: Do the Boston Bruins or the Washington Capitals have the better fake rock band?

Clearly, the Capitals' glam rock group wins on vocals with Alex "D.C. ... are you ready to rock?!" Ovechkin. Brooks Laich actually seemed to know how the play the bass. Neither Wheeler nor Mike Green are going to make anyone forget Keith Moon on the skins.

But Jose Theodore vs. Milan Lucic on lead guitar would be one for the ages. As long as we're not counting quality of groupies. That Jose's a looker, you know.

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