• Boeing Jan 26

    Boeing’s 777X, the World’s Largest Twin-Engine Jet, Completes Maiden Flight

    Boeing’s 777X, a new generation of the wide-body aircraft, completed its maiden flight on Saturday — marking a milestone for the company struggling through the increasing fallout from two fatal crashes of its best-selling 737 Max. Bad weather postponed an attempt at the first flight on Thursday and again on Friday. The first flight, which took off from Everett, Washington and…

  • Boeing Jan 24

    Boeing 737 Max Could Be Recertified Before Midyear, FAA Says

    The head of the Federal Aviation Administration has told airlines that it could lift a flight ban on the Boeing 737 Max before midyear, ahead of the manufacturer’s new timeline that it shared with its customers this week. The news sent Boeing’s shares higher. The planes have been grounded since March after two deadly crashes in a span of five months killed all...

  • Boeing Jan 21

    Boeing Doesn’t Expect 737 Max to Be Cleared Until Summer

    Boeing said Tuesday that it doesn’t expect federal regulators to approve its changes to the grounded 737 Max until this summer, several months longer than the company was saying just a few weeks ago. That timetable — the latest of several delays in the plane’s approval process — will create more headaches for airlines by pushing the Max’s return further…

  • Iran Jan 18

    Iran to Send Flight Recorders From Downed Jet to Ukraine

    An Iranian official says Iran will send the black box flight recorders from the Ukrainian jetliner it accidentally shot down last week to Ukraine for further analysis. The head of accident investigations for Iran’s civil aviation department says it is not possible to read the black boxes in Iran. He says French, American and Canadian experts will help analyze them...

  • Boeing Jan 14

    New Boeing CEO Inherits Crisis Created Under His Predecessor

    Boeing’s new CEO is in place, and he is laying out goals for this year, starting with the safe return to flight of the grounded 737 Max. David Calhoun has a long to-do list as he takes over for fired CEO Dennis Muilenburg. Calhoun will oversee Boeing’s legal strategy as it deals with dozens of lawsuits by families of the...

  • Boeing Jan 12

    Boeing’s Fired CEO Muilenburg Walks Away With More Than $60 Million

    Boeing denied former CEO Dennis Muilenburg severance when he was ousted for his handling of the 737 Max crisis, but he will get more than $60 million in pension benefits and stock, the company said Friday. Boeing fired Muilenburg last month amid a ballooning crisis around its 737 Max jets in the wake of two fatal crashes that killed 346 people. Longtime…

  • Boeing Jan 11

    ’Designed by Clowns’: Boeing Docs Show Workers’ Concerns Over 737 Max

    Boeing employees knew about problems with flight simulators for the now-grounded 737 Max and apparently tried to hide them from federal regulators, according to documents released Thursday.

  • Iran Jan 11

    US Blames Iran for Ukrainian Jetliner Downing, Pledges Probe

    Iran denies one of its missiles hit a Ukrainian airplane that crashed near Tehran this week and is calling on the U.S. and Canada to release data backing their allegations. Western leaders say the plane appeared to have been unintentionally hit by an Iranian surface-to-air missile. The crash came just hours after Iran launched a series of ballistic missiles on...

  • Boeing Jan 9

    Ukrainian Jet Crash Kills 176, Sets Off Mourning in Canada

    The Iranian military is disputing any suggestion that the Ukrainian airliner that crashed on the outskirts of Tehran was brought down by a missile. All 176 people aboard the plane were killed Wednesday when it went down during a takeoff attempt from the Iranian capital’s main airport. The disaster took place hours after Iran launched its missile attack on U.S....

  • Boeing Jan 8

    Boeing Now Saying Pilots Need Simulator Training for 737 Max

    Boeing said Tuesday it is recommending that pilots receive training in a flight simulator before the grounded 737 Max returns to flying, a reversal of the company’s long-held position that computer-based training alone was adequate.

  • Boeing Dec 23, 2019

    Boeing Ousts CEO After Two Deadly 737 Max Crashes

    Boeing ousted CEO Dennis Muilenburg on Monday with no end in sight to the crisis that has engulfed the vaunted American aircraft manufacturer since the crash of two of its 737 Max airliners. The Boeing board had supported Muilenburg for months despite calls for his resignation from lawmakers and relatives of the passengers killed. When it became clear in recent…

  • Boeing 737 Max Dec 23, 2019

    Boeing Ousts Beleaguered CEO

    Boeing ousted = CEO Dennis Muilenburg Monday according to a statement released by the company.

  • Boeing Dec 22, 2019

    Boeing Capsule Returns to Earth After Aborted Space Mission

    Boeing safely landed its crew capsule in the New Mexico desert Sunday after an aborted flight to the International Space Station that threatened to set back the company’s effort to launch astronauts for NASA next year. The Starliner descended into the Army’s White Sands Missile Range in the frigid predawn darkness, ending a two-day demo that should have lasted...

  • Boeing 737 Max Dec 20, 2019

    United Pulls 737 Max From Its Schedule Until Early June

    United Airlines is pulling the Boeing 737 MAX from its schedule through June 4, a date that is two months later than when other U.S. airlines plan to resume flights of the troubled planes.

  • Boeing Dec 17, 2019

    Boeing Will Suspend 737 Max Production in January

    Boeing is planning to suspend production of its beleaguered 737 Max planes next month, the company said Monday, a drastic step after the Federal Aviation Administration said its review of the planes would continue into next year. Boeing’s decision, made after months of a cash-draining global grounding of its best-selling aircraft, worsens one of the most severe crises in the...

  • Boeing 737 Max Dec 16, 2019

    Boeing to Suspend Airbus 737 Max Production

    Boeing will halt production of their 737 Max aircraft a person familiar with the matter said Monday.

  • Boeing 737 Max Dec 11, 2019

    FAA Predicted More Fatal Boeing 737 Crashes Before Second Crash, Docs Show

    The Federal Aviation Administration predicted more fatal crashes of the Boeing 737 Max after a Lion Air flight went down in October 2018, an internal document released Wednesday showed, but the agency allowed the planes to keep flying until a second Max crashed earlier this year. The FAA and other air safety regulators around the world didn’t ground the planes until...

  • energy Dec 1, 2019

    How NASA Is Evolving Through Partnerships With Private Space Companies

    Companies are increasingly looking to space as a place of business, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has been changing in several different ways, especially by partnering with corporations to develop new technologies. Earlier this year NASA announced it would open the International Space Station to private astronauts, with short missions beginning as soon as 2020. Additionally, NASA said...

  • United States Nov 15, 2019

    Boeing Settles Several More Lawsuits Over Max Plane Crashes

    Boeing is settling more of the roughly 150 lawsuits filed by families of passengers killed in two crashes of the 737 Max jet. A Seattle law firm said Friday it settled four cases involving passengers on the Lion Air Max that crashed off the coast of Indonesia in October 2018. On Thursday, a judge approved settlements of nine other cases....

  • United States Nov 11, 2019

    Boeing Details Steps Needed to Get Grounded Max Jet Flying

    Boeing is detailing steps it needs to complete before its grounded 737 Max can carry passengers again.

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