Celestial Events Happening This Month That You'll Want to Keep an Eye Out For

There are quite a few events happening this month in the night sky.

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August is a big month if you enjoy stargazing or astronomy.

First things first - the final super moon of the year happens this month.

Unfortunately, that coincides with one of the bigger meteor showers of the year - the Perseids. The vibrant full moon will wash out all but the brightest meteors (still may be worth a shot to try and catch a few).

Pro tip: If you're interested in trying to catch some of the Perseids, try looking on a clear night away from the peak full moon.

Saturn reaches opposition around the middle of the month. This means that the Earth will be located between the Sun and Saturn. The ringed planet appears the biggest and brightest during this time of year.

The night of August 18, if weather permits, Saturn will be visible for most of the night. If you're interested in checking it out, grab your telescope to be able to see details of Saturn's rings and possibly some of the moons.

A little later in the month, the quarter Moon and Mars appear to 'meet' in the sky early on the morning of the 19.

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