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People Bracing for Another Significant Rain Event

Eversource says it will be ready and is prepared to bring in resources from Massachusetts and New Hampshire operations if needed.

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People in Connecticut have seen their share of rain this year. Tropical Storm Elsa and Hurricane Henri led to widespread flooding. Now, as the state is bracing for another significant storm, people are preparing.

Around the state, communities have seen what massive amounts of rain in a short period of time can do.

“We were out in the road and there was like water up to our thighs," said Christopher Blish of West Hartford, recalling one storm this summer. “It’s been a little crazy.”

Closer to the shore, news of this coastal storm was beginning to spread Monday morning.

“I think I better check the sump pump,” said Nicole Crane who is in currently moving into a house in Guilford.

At hardware stores, it has been difficult keeping flood prevention items in stock. Sump pumps, water barriers and dry vacs have flown off the shelves. Home maintenance experts say homeowners need to be proactive.

“Get a flood barrier set up. Get something to divert water,” advised Remy Gaulin, assistant manager of Larsen Ace Hardware of West Hartford.

Complicating matters this time around are fallen leaves. They cover storm drains, gutters and the streets.

“I’ve slipped before in my truck on wet leaves. It’s almost like driving on snow,” said Gary Komosky of Salem.

Still, some foliage remains. But in October, it is as pretty as it is dangerous. Eversource says the additional leaves increase the likelihood for trees to be damaged, leading to possible power outages.

“It’s far different than from a similar storm that might hit in January when the trees don’t have leaves on them,” said Eversource spokesperson Frank Poirot.

In preparation for this year’s storms, Eversource says it has bolstered its system resiliency program. They’ve added smart switches, allowing them route power around trouble spots and added sturdy poles. They say they will be ready.

“We’ll be able to react quickly to it. We have crews in the state now that are ready to deploy wherever the harder hit areas are,” said Poirot.

As a precaution, Eversource recommends people have supplies including non-perishable food items, water, medications, flashlights and batteries. They also advise keeping mobile devices fully charged.

Eversource also warns if you see a power line on or near the ground, do not touch it. Instead, call 911 and report it so crews can come and safely take care of the situation.

As for homeowners, they’re keeping their fingers crossed.

“Overall, I think you just have to sit back and just hope for the best,” said Blish. “Prepare and make sure that you’re ready.”

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