Scott Gellatly Pleads Not Guilty to New Charges

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    Scott Gellatly pleaded guilty Tuesday, June 3, 2014 to new charges.

    Scott Gellatly, the man accused of killing his estranged wife and shooting her mother, appeared in Milford Superior Court for the second time Tuesday morning and is facing new charges.

    “He pleaded not guilty to a seven-count long form information that the state has filed today, charging him with murder, home invasion, burglary and robbery,” said State’s Attorney Kevin Lawlor.

    In court Tuesday, Scott Gellatly waived a probable cause hearing where the court would have heard testimony to prove probable cause and send the case to trial.

    “At this point he elected a jury trial at this point. If you elect a jury trial, you can always change your mind and go to a court trial. If you elect a court trial, you can't change your mind, you're stuck with that,” said Lawlor.

    According to police, on May 7, Gellatly forced his way into his in-law's Sioux Drive home in Oxford and shot both his estranged wife, Lori Gellatly and her mother, Merry Jackson. Court documents said police found the two women lying next to each other on the kitchen floor. Lori later died at the hospital. Police say Scott Gellatly took off after the shooting, prompting a state-wide manhunt. He was later found, allegedly trying to take his own life.

    Lawlor said Gellatly also approved another motion filed by the prosecution to move the investigation forward.

    “The defendant did not object to the State's motion requesting that DNA be taken from him in order to compare with evidence that's been brought to the Connecticut State Police lab,” said Lawlor.

    Gellatly is scheduled to be back in court in July.