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Brad Pitt Shocks Fans at Movie Premiere in Penn.

As fans waited for a screening of "World War Z," they were stunned to see the star of the movie walk through the door



    Movie-goers at the King of Prussia Regal Cinemas in Pennsylvania were expecting to see Brad Pitt on the big screen for a pre-screening of "World War Z," but they never expected the actor would actually walk into the theater.

    "The door swung open, he walked in and the place just exploded," said Marisa Magnatta, from the Preston and Steve Morning Show, who there for the excitement.

    She says there was extra security in the theater and people were curious what was happening.

    After his surprise entrance, Pitt thanked fans for coming to see his movie and talked about a local favorite. "I just crushed a cheesesteak next door," said Pitt. "It really is the perfect sandwich." 

    Pitt surprised fans in two different theaters at the Regal in King of Prussia before the screening of his zombie flick, which he describes as "the most intense thing you'll see all summer." 

    Earlier today, fans in Atlanta got the same surprise when Pitt showed up at a Regal theater there.

    "World War Z" opens up in Philadelphia on June 21.

    Photo courtesy: WMMR