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Fallon Wins Bet Against Canadiens

Jimmy Fallon won a bet he made with the Montreal Canadiens hockey team, forcing the team's mascot to take a series of hilariously depressing photos.

It all began when the team tweeted "The Tonight Show" host during the New York Rangers/Canadiens’ Eastern Conference finals matchup and bet that if the Canadiens won, Fallon would have to wear a Montreal jersey during one of his monologues. If the Rangers won, Fallon would be able to put his face on the Canadiens' Twitter account profile.

Fallon upped the ante by proposing that if the Rangers won, he would get to change the Canadiens' Twitter avatar and make the teem tweet out 10 different photos of their mascot Youppi! walking around Montreal in public wearing a Rangers jersey.

Last week, the Rangers won and advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals--meaning the Canadiens had to pay the piper.

"They are good sports, they made good on this bet and they sent Youppi! out," Fallon said on Monday's "Tonight."

 You can hear Fallon talk about the bet in the video above. You can also see the mascot posing for the photos in a video released by the Montreal Canadiens below.