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Taylor Lautner Brings "Twilight" to "SNL"

Female fan favorite steams it up on the sketch show



    Taylor Lautner Brings "Twilight" to "SNL"
    Taylor Lautner hosted the Dec. 12 episode of Saturday Night Live. The Twilight star opened the show with jokes about his age, being shirtless, and a martial arts reenactment of what he "really" wanted to do to Kanye West after he insulted Taylor Swift at the VMAs.

    Taylor Lautner cracked jokes about "Twilight," teen stardom and that other Taylor -- Swift, that is -- on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, making his debut as a host on the show, which also featured a musical performance from legend Bon Jovi and a bevy of digs at embattled golfer Tiger Woods.

    Lautner began the show with a monologue that showed off his karate skills as he reenacted the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards interaction between Kanye West and Lautner's rumored girlfriend Taylor Swift, who was embarrassed when West stormed the stage at the show to protest Swift's win over Beyonce. Lautner spin-kicked a West cutout's head off, then made moves to kiss Swift's cutout -- but rejected Swift for a drag-queen version of Reba McEntire, played by Kenan Thompson.

    The teen heartthrob, who plays a werewolf named Jacob in the hit "Twilight" franchise, also starred in a sketch about "Twilight" fans, donning drag getup as a teenage girl on "Team Edward," the name of Jacob's rival in the fight for character Bella's heart in the flicks.

    The actor then suited up as an awkward kid on a first date in a skit about finding love in a frozen yogurt shop, then played a nervous football star trying to keep a straight face for the camera.

    Between Lautner's gigs, "SNL" found ample time to make fun of philandering golfer Tiger Woods, who admitted to "infidelity" this week and announced his "indefinite" leave from the PGA Tour.

    "Mistress Number Fifteen" made an appearance on "Weekend Update," hosted by Seth Meyers, while the show also featured the "final announcement" from the PGA Tour, a clip showing a company rep boozing his sorrows away as he mourned the loss of Woods' celebrity.