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Second Hartford Subpoena Served



    Second Hartford Subpoena Served

    We're learning more about the Federal subpoena slapped on the Hartford City Hall last week, including the revelation that there was more than one. (Published Thursday, Oct. 31, 2013)

    The Troubleshooters exclusively obtained a federal subpoena served on Hartford Public Schools on the same day the federal government subpoenaed Hartford City Hall.

    The Feds said they are investigating the possible commission of a felony.

    City Hall just released the full subpoena it was hit with as well. In both subpoenas, federal investigators asked for all records from the City and Hartford Public Schools dealing with Hybrid Insurance and its president, Earl O'Garro. That included all emails to and from Mayor Pedro Segarra, City Treasurer Adam Cloud, Superintendent Christina Kishimoto and other city leaders.

    The feds also want records of all financial transactions with Hybrid.

    The investigation began after $670,000 appeared to go missing when the City wired the money to Hybrid.

    We reached out to Hybrid Insurance for comment, they said “no thank you” and hung up the phone.

    The Feds are convening the grand jury next month.