Computers Disappear During Repairs

Computer owners looking for repairs are now looking for their PCs.

The Troubleshooters are hearing complaints about a Connecticut business accused of taking in computers for repair and not returning them.

Mark Mickiewicz said he paid Cratty Enterprises $80 in May to fix two of his laptop computers.
"He indicated that the computers were fixed, but unfortunately one of his workers put them on a pallet with some other computers and they were shipped by truck to Montana," Mickiewicz said.

Mickiewicz said business owner Mike Cratty later told him the laptops were then mistakenly shipped to Washington.  Subsequent email exchanges between Mickiewicz and Cratty show the company's excuses for the delay kept mounting.

“He has broken promise after promise when he would return the computers,” Mickiewicz said. “It is always a shipping issue and after two months of this he continues.”

Mickiewicz said he is concerned that the computers can be anywhere and that he could be a victim of identity theft.

Lisa Baio said she sent her MacBook Air to Cratty Enterprises more than one year ago and she still has yet to receive it.

"There was a lot of sensitive information on there that was lost," Baio said.  "All my passcodes.  Lots of pictures that I can't replace."

Baio said Cratty told her his business had accidentally mailed her computer back to her through regular mail.

Baio said she tried tracking the package, unsuccessfully.

"There is is no way to track regular mail," Baio said.

Baio has since purchased another Mac.

Both customers said they found Cratty on Craigslist.  The Cratty Enterprises website is filled with testimonials from happy customers.  However, the Better Business Bureau gives Cratty Enterprises an "F" rating based on eight complaints.

Cratty responded to the Troubleshooters via email.  He said he was in the process of resolving his customers' issues.  He also included a timeframe for which he would have the customer issues settled.  But that time has passed and Mickiewicz and Baio said as of July 10 they still have not received their original computers or any resolution from the business.

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