Billboard Startles Drivers

Racist graffiti mars drive along Route 44

A message of hate directed at America's next president surprised some drivers along Route 44 in Barkhamsted Friday.

The graffiti was the second comment painted across the green billboard which advertises help for victims of foreclosure.

The first message shows two pictures of President-elect Barack Obama with the words "Yes, We Did" scrawled next to them.  And that sentiment of victory was countered with a smear of hate. 

Someone crossed out those words, scrawled the "N" epithet underneath, and drew and arrow to the pictures of Obama.

State Police say the billboard at the intersection of 44 and Old North Road was vandalized some time Thursday night or Friday morning.

Anyone with information that can lead to the vandals is asked to call the Barkhamsted Resident Trooper at (860) 379-8273

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