School supplies: Pencils. Books. Loaded gun?

A school security guard was tipped off that a student was bringing a gun to Weaver High School.  When she approached the student Wednesday, she found a loaded .22 caliber gun in his possession.

"That makes me very upset, very upset that young kids are doing what they're doing right now," said Velora Jones, a Weaver High School parent.

The student was taken into custody without incident, but parents were worried about what could have happened.

"It scares me because you don't know what's going to happen," said Lisa Riley.

There are no standing metal detectors at the school, only wands which officers can use.  Some parents and students said stronger security measures should be put in place.

Riley said, "They need to have some type of security in the schools for these kids coming into the school with these weapons like a metal detector and stuff like that."

Jonisia Woodward, a student at Weaver, agreed. "If they bring standing metal detectors that would work for us, but they need to do something to keep us safe in school," she said.

The school district has no plans to put additional metal detectors in the school.   The student who brought the gun to school was taken to juvenile services, say police.  Under state law, any student who brings a weapon to school is automatically expelled.

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