Napier: Ollie’s Not Going Anywhere

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In the days surrounding the Huskies' fourth national title last Monday, rumors swirled that coach Kevin Ollie might be in the running for an NBA job. The Lakers and Knicks are the popular choices but the reality, according to senior point guard Shabazz Napier, is that Ollie's already home.

“He’s not going anywhere,” Napier said, via the New Haven Register. “He loves this university. When you love this university with the passion he has, he’s gonna stay here until they tell him he’s got to leave.”

Ollie's response:

“Nothing will shake me,” he said. “I love this place. Like anything else, I evaluate it each and every year. I want the conditions right around my student-athletes. You just never know where the NCAA is going in years to come. I want to make sure the university is doing everything possible for our student-athletes to succeed. If I don’t see that, maybe it’s an opportunity for me to leave. But I’m going to evaluate that each and every year, and it’s perfect right now. We’re doing everything it takes for our student-athletes to get their grades and do certain things on the road and have a great experience at this university.”

He then added (in response to a question about a possible pay raise): “Whatever it takes, I want to be here at the University of Connecticut. Hopefully, we can come up with a great solution that benefits not only me, but benefits the university going forward.”

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