Nearly Lost But Not Forgotten

Men who love humanity have all dreamed at least once during their lives of bringing all their fellow men together in a state of carefree happiness. And only the world of the theater ever really succeeds in doing this.”

~Jean Jacques Gautier

Connecticut theater is as old as the state itself.  It’s something that has brought families together for ages. And ironically, it’s thrived in difficult economic times. Even the Great Depression brought growth here in Connecticut. As many theater buffs will tell you, it’s because many people look for an escape. They look for a way to get away from the negative news and the stress of every day life.
This hasn’t always been the case. There was a period in the mid-1990’s that theaters were no longer appreciated. With the rise of television, many of them fell into disrepair. A number were slated to be demolished and turned into parking lots.
Call it the magic of theater, but they were saved. Communities gathered together to prevent their destruction and rebuild them. The theaters have come back more beautiful than ever, once again providing that outlet for people to escape real life.
Throughout March, we’ll celebrate the restoration and revitalization of theaters in Connecticut. Keep checking back each week for a different story. We’ll bring you on a tour through the eyes of those who’ve been part of the theater for decades. See the hidden nooks and crannies and hear the stories that have nearly been lost through the generations.
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