Nun Who Kissed Elvis Heads to the Oscars

“God is The Bigger Elvis” is a documentary based on Mother Dolores Hart's life.

dolores hart nun
NBC Connecticut

A Connecticut nun who once kissed Elvis Presley is heading to the Oscars in a couple weeks because a documentary on her life has been nominated for an Oscar.

Mother Dolores Hart, who starred in “King Creole” and “Loving You” with Elvis and in “Where the Boys Are” is now a nun at the Abbey of Regina Laudis in Bethlehem and the short documentary “God is The Bigger Elvis” is about her unusual path from starlet to a higher calling.

"It will be so nice to be back at the Oscars," the 73-year-old nun told USA Today. "It's such a fun night."

Rebecca Cammisa and Julie Anderson’s documentary takes the audience on a rare trip inside the abbey.

"We wanted to invite the world into another order of life that might give some hope," Hart told USA Today.

The last time she was at the Oscars was in 1959, when she presented, USA Today reports.


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