Object of My Confection

Jack plays for the boys team and This Works... no really.

Aunt Moos

CARAMEL CARAVAN: Like most great Internet success stories, we heard about Aunt Moo's Caramels from a friend of a friend who had received a package of these delish delights from yet another friend. Now we're impatiently waiting for our next shipment, flooding the Aunt Moo's mailbox and trying to get our local Costco to buy bulk in these treats. If creamy chewy caramels are your thing, you can order online or request a free (note: FREE) sample from Aunt Moo herself.

DID IT WORK? Ever wonder if your favorite (to be) beauty product actually was working for you? Well we think you should check out This Works, beauty and bath products by way of the UK that give you quality assurance that's all in the name. We love their Holiday line, perfect for office gifts and stocking stuffers, including the This Works Eyes and Lips Crackers; resembling everyone's favorite Christmas novelty: prize cracker. Each contains mini versions of either the This Works Tired Eyes Serum and This Works Turbo Balm and rings in for under $10.

BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN: We can't give enough love out to the ladies and gents at Jack Rogers for their addictive summer sandals and brand new clothing collection. However, we've been waiting for years for them to pay a little more attention to the men in our lives. Luckily, this year they've released their first collection of Men's Neckties, cleverly patterned with their signature rodelles. Order online for $75.

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