Our Big Picture Debate: Want vs. Need

Needs for Sale


We really can't tell you how many times (to this very day) we've put aside all sense of dignity and exclaimed this sentence in a public setting. Much to our embarrassment this is probably (definitely) more than true, and our much more mature selves are ashamed of our past doings. Now to rub it in even more, some artistic do-gooders created a new e-store called, Needs for Sale. And no, they're not talking about the "Extra-Large White Cherry Slurpee" (or more recently, the Proenza Schouler PS1 Messenger in Python) kind either.

Needs for Sale was modeled after the first project from artists Christine and Justin's (no last names, like Madonna), called Wants for Sale. This is where we would find ourselves investing in artwork of things like a fully-loaded dish of Pinkberry or a one-way ticket to Vegas, with the full benefit going to our new first name basis friends. However, Wants for Sale, actually presents itself as those heart-wrenchingly sad but true "wants" in the form of kitschy technicolor artwork. The purchase of the art goes towards actual needs of society, such as, $500 for a hand-painted portrait of a microscope donates $500 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and $250 painting of an early-90s-esque army green cell phone goes to the American Red Cross for phone calls home for the troops.

BUY IT: Order each limited edition print online from Needs For Sale, starting at $100.

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