Dolson's Big Day with Jimmy Fallon

UConn basketball star Stefanie Dolson took a trip to New York City on Wednesday to meet Jimmy Fallon and appear on the "Tonight Show."

It's the result of Dolson asking Fallon to "hit her up" during the televised celebration of UConn's ninth national title earlier this month.

On Tuesday, Dolson got the news Fallon wanted her on the show, and Wednesday she hopped in a van to head to New York for a taping of the show.

SEE THE CLIP HERE. Scroll to 2:53 to see their danceoff.

"He's an awesome guy. He's very down-to-Earth, not really what you expect from someone like his stature as being a celebrity," Dolson said minutes after finishing her segment.

"He's just as funny off the air as he is on the air. It was kind of cool to see him outside of his normal element," Dolson said.

Dolson, who is known to clown around and show off her sense of humor, got the star treatment at the NBC studios at Rockefeller Center. She had her own dressing room, and was doted on by makeup artists and stylists before her appearance.

Fallon posted a photo of he and Dolson playing XBox, though before the show aired, Stefanie wouldn't exactly let on just what her segment on the show entailed.

"Let's just say that I show him the moves that I have off the court," she said.


Dolson said the visit with Fallon was a dream come true.

"He was excited to meet me and it was just an amazing experience that I'll never forget."

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