The Haunting of the Warner Theater

Phantom of the opera or lost souls?

Warner Theater, Torrington

We're not talking about a phantom of the opera here. Throughout the years, there have been some unexplained tragedies at the theater.  A 21-year-old roof worker was killed when he slipped off the building and fell into a vat of boiling tar, legend says.  Then there was the close call for the Irish Tenors when a light fell on stage, narrowly missing them, the stories say.  And some workers swear they've seen stuff they just can't explain.

A Connecticut paranormal investigation team, called "Shekinah," has been looking into it. They say their video evidence is limited to glowing orbs. But they're certain that their investigations will soon turn up irrefutable evidence that something - or someone - is still in the theater, even when the curtains have closed for the night.

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