A Whole Day Dedicated to Legos, Pez and Connecticut

Wednesday is Connecticut Day at the Big E

If you have some free time today, swing on up to Springfield and celebrate all things Connecticut.  
Wednesday is Connecticut Day at the Big E, an entire day dedicated to the Nutmeg state. 

How better to do that then swing by the state’s building on the Avenue of States, where you can enjoy some of our favorite things without using the gas you would to cover ever mile from Torrington to Litchfield to Greenwich.

Under one roof, you can get Emilee’s Italian Ice, from in Farmington, Wooster Street Pizza -- trust us, this is good -- Husky blend coffees – go UConn! -- wine and the most unlikely, Danny's Little Taste of Texas --authentic Texas barbecue made in South Windsor. Why not?

But Connecticut’s house is not just about the food and one thing this state does better than some states is show off what we have to offer beyond the food: our acclaimed authors – we’ve got best sellers like Wally Lamb -- homemade crafts, clocks and toys.

Our innovate products have withstood time, so why not show them off?

Orange is the home of Pez, maker of bounce-off-the-walls candies. The ageless toy that spits candy out of Mickey Mouse’s mouth has captivated children for decades and given them sugar rushes to drive parents crazy for generations.

There’s every kid’s favorite – Legos. What kid does not love tapping into the inner architect and snapping together blocks to build houses, planes, Mark Twain, whatever.
The U.S. headquarters of the toy giant is in Enfield.

In case you’re on a schedule, what better building to see if you’re on time? Connecticut is home to Timex.

The Connecticut building also has some great galleries and museums and you can learn about those too. Did you know we have a button museum and a horror flick museum?

Enjoy, and send us your pics, especially if you dare to try the Craz-E burger, which is a burger with two crispy thin cut strips of bacon, a beef patty and a slice of cheese sandwiched by a butter-grilled grilled glazed donut. They just might wind up online.

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