An Old Man, a Sea and Boxers Blowing in the Wind

If you’re in the mood for an artsy night out, how about an old man, the sea and some laundry blowing in the wind?

New Haven’s Long Wharf Theatre and Artspace are coming together for the second time ever to satisfy your quest for culture.

One half of the double-feature is the world premier of “The Old Man and the Sea,” based on the Ernest Hemingway book you probably had to read in class at some point.

The other half is Jacob Galle’s video installation, “Springfever/pilgrimage.” His pilgrimage includes a trek through beautiful and remote Wyoming mountains, all to carry out the rather mundane domestic task of drying laundry.

It’s bound to look a lot prettier than what it looks like when you wash your lights and darks.
What do Hemingway and laundry have in common?

“The spiritual and existential tones that underscore Ernest Hemingway’s simple yet powerful use of language in his classic, ‘The Old Man and the Sea,’ are similarly evoked in Jacob Galle’s video, “Springfever/pilgrimage. The longstanding theme of man versus nature is central to both works,” said Liza Statton, curator and gallery director of Artspace in New Haven.

The video installation is in the theater’s lobby from April 1-26.
Tickets are still available for the show at Long Wharf Theatre.

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