Booze Battle Brews over Sunday Sales

Liquor store owners are brewing a battle over whether beer, wine and booze should be sold on Sundays in Connecticut.

Package store owners are as mixed as a mixed cocktail on whether the Blue Law banning Sunday sales should come to an end.

They were scheduled to meet Monday morning to discuss the proposal but that meeting was canceled.

Some package store owners are concerned that Sunday sales would cost them more money because, saying they can't afford to open for a seventh day each week.

Others, especially those with stores near the Massachusetts/Connecticut border, are willing to give it a try.

They said it would give local stores extra money and the state more tax revenue, because state residents wouldn't be going to neighboring states to buy alcohol on Sundays.

Massachusetts and Rhode Island both allow liquor sales on Sundays.

Enfield state Senator John Kissel is proposing a bill that would give liquor store owners the option of opening on Sundays.

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