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Community Health Center's Two-Prong Approach: Vaccinating & Testing at Same Appointment

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It’s a two-prong approach in Community Health Center Inc.’s continued fight against COVID-19 in Connecticut.

“You are already here waiting post vaccination and you’re able to get a test while you’re here and then you get a head on your way,” Amanda Schiessl of the Community Health Center said.

The provider is offering COVID-19 tests at two of its four mass vaccination sites. Amanda Schiessl, site lead at the Pratt & Whitney vaccine site, said the test option comes at a critical time even as vaccinations in the state progress.

“It’s a couple weeks after the vaccine that you’re fully vaccinated so that period of time from first dose to second dose, you still need to protect yourselves and your family so testing is really important,” Schiessl said.

While the testing response has been low at the vaccination sites at about five percent, Schiessl hopes patients will consider the option.

“Anything that you can do in one kind of sitting is wonderful,” one patient said.

Schiessl said COVID-19 testing at all of Community Health Center’s sites has remained steady. Test results at the Rentschler Field and Wesleyan University sites are ready within two days.

The provider hopes to increase testing at its vaccine sites as locations across the state increase as well.

CHC hit a vaccine milestone on Tuesday; it has now provided 250,000 vaccines since January.

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