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Domestic Travel Advisory Issued: What Does It Mean for Conn. Residents?

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A travel advisory is in effect for people who live in Connecticut, New Jersey and New York due to extensive community transmission of coronavirus, but what exactly does that mean for residents of Connecticut and the rest of the tri-state area?

On Saturday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a rare Domestic Travel Advisory for those who live in Connecticut, New Jersey and New York.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is leaving it up to Gov. Ned Lamont and the other governors about how to implement the new travel advisory.

Residents are urged to continue following Lamont's advice, which includes staying home, avoiding travel and self-quarantining for 14 days if you cross state borders.

People are urged to avoid non-essential travel to other states until April 11.

The travel advisory does not apply to employees of critical infrastructure industries including trucking, public health professionals, financial services and food supply, according to the CDC.

Earlier on Saturday, President Donald Trump had weighed tougher measures because of the number of coronavirus cases in the tri-state area.

On Saturday night, he tweeted that a quarantine was not necessary and he wanted a strong travel advisory from the CDC.

Connecticut’s congressional delegation was quick to respond.

U.S,. Senator Chris Murphy tweeted, “So why scare the hell out of people for an entire half day by threatening a total quarantine?”

And U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal added:  “Erratic. Impulsive. 180 degree flip flop in less than 8 hours.”

Earlier in the day Saturday, Governor Ned Lamont said he spoke with White House officials after hearing a quarantine was being discussed.

"Words matter and those words have created a certain amount of confusion. And when you lack clarity that can create confusion and confusion can lead to panic," Lamont said.

Governor Ned Lamont on Saturday said he believes President Trump was "thinking out loud" when he mentioned the idea of a NY, NJ and CT quarantine.

The governor said he thought a potential quarantine would be impossible to fully enforce.

He was hopeful the president’s attention on the region could help bring more badly-needed equipment to the state.

“I said the only thing I like about the president’s comment, the only thing, is that he’s thinking about this as a zone and that includes not a state border. That’s New York City. That's parts of New Jersey. That’s parts of Fairfield County.  And I did say I want you to think about this zone not just in terms of enforcement actions but in terms of supply as well," Lamont added.

Lamont said he feels people have overall been following his recommendations and orders, but added if the rules were to be tightened, he'd like to do it on a regional basis.

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