Hair Salon Owners, Dental Hygienists Protest Reopening Plan at State Capitol

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As the state begins to reopen some sectors of the economy on Wednesday, multiple groups of people gathered at the State Capitol to protest the governor's current reopening plan.

A group called Salons in Solidarity is angry with Gov. Ned Lamont's decision to keep hair salons closed past today's Phase 1 reopening. Lamont originally had given hair salons the green light to reopen but changed his mind on Monday after he said he had discussions with owners and stylists who wanted more time to make sure it is safe for them and their customers. Lamont said the new date for salons to reopen is June 1.

"We were prepared. We were ready to work and we’re here to show that we should be in our salons right now, but instead if we can’t be, we’re gonna be at the Capitol protesting our right to work," said hair salon owner Ashley Stone.

Many salon owners upset with Lamont gathered in New Haven on Tuesday to express their anger.

“You gave us the guidelines, you gave us the criteria, most of us were ready with what we needed to open. We booked 400 appointments in less than 72 hours,” said Skull and Combs owner Jason Bunce. “You had us ready to go and then you pulled it out from underneath us.”

Dental hygienists who don't want to see dentist offices open to routine procedures also gathered at the State Capitol. While dentist offices have never closed, the group of hygienists is afraid it is too early to reopen.

"There’s a lot of hygienists who do not want to be back to work today who were not here and we are protesting for them. And their jobs have been threatened if they don’t go back," said dental hygienist Meg Zadrowski.

The Connecticut Dental Hygienists Association has signed off on guidelines to allow a safe reopening on Wednesday.

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