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Yale Health Prepares Temporary Facility for Potential COVID-19 Patients

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Yale Health is preparing a temporary space at the Payne Whitney gymnasium for potential coronavirus patients.

Yale officials said the Yale Health Center has a limited in-patient clinic that would not be able to accommodate members of the Yale community if they were to get COVID-19.

If needed, the temporary space in the Lanman Center would be used to handle patients from the Yale community who couldn't be treated at the Yale Health Center.

The Lanman Center would support people who are unable to care for themselves at home, but do not need to go to the hospital. It would also offer general care including vital sign monitoring and provision of food and hydration, according to Yale officials.

It would also likely house some COVID-19 patients who are well enough to return home, but should remain separated from elderly or immunocompromised relatives, Yale officials added.

By opening the Lanman Center, officials hope it would prevent members of the Yale community from needing to go to the hospital.

Officials have not given details on if or when they plan to open the temporary facility.

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