Pit Bulls Attack, Kill Pet Beagle in Bloomfield

Pit bulls attacked and killed a pet beagle in Bloomfield Wednesday and animal control is investigating.

Andrew Walter said he found his dog Erin, dead yesterday morning at the edge of his property on Lincoln Terrace.

“I come out and there’re three pit bulls just behind that wood pile. Two of them charged me. One of them stayed. I looked at the ones charging me and the one that stayed was with the body of my dog,” he said.

Erin was dragged just past the Walters’ invisible fence.

"My fear with the invisble fence has always been an animal," Walter said. "We had one bear in 40 years I've live here, but not some dogs that probably escaped due to a neighbor's negligence. That's what breaks my heart. I lost a dog due to someone's stupidity."

Walter said he chased the dogs away and called animal control.

Erin was meek and defenseless and she and the Walters' other beagle, Daisy, are like children to he and his wife, he said.

Walter, as well as another neighbor, Meagan Salahu-Din, said they have heard that this was not the first time the three pit bulls have gotten look.

“I’m completely devastated. I’m crushed for his family, those two beagles were a pair. They were best friends. I see them multiple times a day when I’m walking my dog,” Salahu-Din said.

“The loss of his dog was completely preventable. And I’m assuming, that these dogs, this is not going to be a good situation for them and it’s their owners who put them at risk. I’m sad,” said Salahu-Din, who is also the owner of a pit bull.

She said it’s the dog owner’s responsibility to secure their animals.

Bloomfield police said animal control apprehended all three pit bulls involved in this attack.

Walter said he wants the pit bulls to be euthanized.

"I would like to see the dogs destroyed because, obviously, they're dangerous. They went into someone's yard and killed their animal and really, their defenseless animal," he said.  

Police said two of the dogs have roamed several times in the past and two of the three dogs are not current on their vaccinations.  The dogs' owner has been cited in the past for allowing the dogs to roam, police said.

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