200 Cats Found in Winsted Home Up for Adoption

It’s been almost two weeks since 150 cats were removed from a Winsted home. That number has now grown close to 200 and many of them have moved to rescue shelters.

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In late June, town officials investigated a complaint about several stray cats at a home on Moore Avenue in Winsted. The home has since been condemned.

Inside they found two dogs, a ferret and over 150 cats. Since then, the number has continued to grow.

“As cats keep coming in from the immediate surrounding area, from even inside the walls of the house, some of the crawl spaces, the attic, we are finding that it is around 200 cats,” said Town Manager Josh Kelly.

The animals were moved to Batcheller School temporarily. The community donated their time, cat food and monetary donations.

“The community really came out in support of that and did it so quickly,” Kelly said.

Most of the cats have been relocated to rescue shelters across the state, but now there is a need for adoptions.

“We really need individuals who are willing to take in those cats, provide them a happy and healthy home to go out find these cats take them in,” Kelly explained.

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Connecticut Cat Connection is one of the many organizations that immediately jumped into help.

The Windsor-based organization took in eight cats. They are getting medically checked out before they are ready to be adopted in a week.

“We have a process where we try to get cats in, get them accumulated, assess their behavior, check out their health needs. Get them to the vets, give them a couple days to rest and then we put them up for adoption,” said Connecticut Cat Connection Volunteer Sue Daury.

Below is a list of animal rescues with cats up for adoption:

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