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Salt Shortage Have Many Scrambling Before the Storm



    Salt Shortage Have Many Scrambling Before the Storm
    NBC Connecticut

    Connecticut’s salt supply is running low, and people across the state are scrambling to find some before the storm hits.

    Workers at Birch Hill Landscaping in Newington spent Wednesday night gearing up for another storm and loading up their salt trucks. “Very fortunate…we've got a lot of properties,” said owner Michael Niro.

    Niro said he was lucky to have any salt, and said suppliers had been rationing it. “They’re telling us New York and Pennsylvania are coming to get salt from CT so that's why there’s such a shortage,” he explained.

    Niro said he had barely enough salt to treat his clients parking lots and driveways across several towns.  At least he had some, other local landscapers told NBC Connecticut they were completely out. “It could be very icy,” Niro added.

    Homeowners couldn’t find salt either. “I went to Lowe’s I went to Home Depot..I don't know what to do now,” said Gerome Isaacs. 

    Home Depot in West Hartford got a salt shipment on Wednesday afternoon, and it was sold out in 30 minutes. “I probably gotta take a chipper and start chipping the ice away,” Isaacs explained.

    Governor Malloy told NBC Connecticut the state put more money in the snow budget and the roads will be taken care of when the storm hits.

    “Storm preparation and cleanup is our highest priority whatever it takes to spend we will spend,” he said.

    The Governor said hundreds of plows will be on the roads early Thursday morning.