7-Year-Old Milford Girl Sells Her Artwork to Benefit Animals

At 7 years old, Eloise Mackell, of Milford, might be small, but she did something Friday that had a big impact for animals in the City of Milford. She dropped off a donation worth more than $500. 

At the beginning of the year, the second grader read a story about a fictional girl's act of kindness and generosity and Eloise was inspired to do something to help out in her own community. 

Eloise loves painting and animals, so she started selling some of her artwork and keeping the money to give to the shelter. 

Her family spread the word of her charitable endeavor on social media as Eloise created dozens of pieces of original works of art. 

On Friday, she took $400 of the money she made and presented a check to Milford Animal Control. She used the rest of the money she raised to buy food and other supplies for the shelter and its animals. 

"I feel really excited … and like so proud of myself," Eloise said.

Eloise's generosity has inspired her entire family and they hope others in the community will follow her example.

"When painting, she’s always been so excited and energetic. ‘I just got another one done!’ She’s always been talking about how she can help people," her sister, Charlotte, said.

"Kids would see a lot of money normally and want to go buy stuff, but we’re proud that the message here is, ‘You can do something to help out in your community in a small way,’” her stepfather, Glenn Laudenslager, said.

Eloise is hoping her donation will inspire other children her age to find creative ways to help their communities.

"I want people to know that little people like me can do great things -- like big people!" she said.

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