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Car Slides onto Frozen Reservoir in Farmington



    Car Slides onto Frozen Reservoir in Farmington
    Crews work to pull this car out of the frozen reservoir in Farmington.

    Rich Eakin is counting his blessings after icy roads sent his car spinning off the road and onto a frozen reservoir in Farmington, where it flipped twice and trapped him inside.

    Eakin's quick thinking allowed him to navigate around a fire hydrant as he lost control of his SUV on Reservoir Road in Farmington just before 7 a.m. Saturday.

    The car then slid out onto the frozen reservoir, where it came to rest on its hood. Eakin, 59, was still inside when icy water began to pour in, and he cut his seat belt and crawled out through the sunroof.

    "When I started seeing the water come in, I was like, 'You're going to die,'" Eakin said. "I was just happy it was cold and that the lake was frozen."

    Eakin made it out safely and watched as crews worked to hoist the SUV off the ice.

    Reservoir Road is closed while officials work to retrieve Eakin's car.

    Icy conditions are not limited to the Farmington area. A freezing rain advisory is in effect for Hartford County through 10 a.m.

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