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Double Shooting Outside Troubled Club

New Haven police investigate another double shooting outside the Taurus Cafe on Winchester Avenue.



    New Haven police are investigating a double shooting that happened outside the Taurus Cafe on Winchester Avenue early Friday morning.

    The bar has been a problem spot for criminal activity in the past.

    The gunfire broke out just before closing time outside the bar, according to police. Two people were shot. They're not believed to be the intended targets, police said.

    Police Investigate Shooting Outside Of Troubled Club

    [HAR] Police Investigate Shooting Outside Of Troubled Club
    Calls to shut down the Taurus Cafe return after another shooting takes place right outside.
    (Published Friday, Feb. 15, 2013)

    "They did find about five different shell casings outside. They were all the same caliber," said Officer David Hartman, of the New Haven Police Department.

    This was not the first problem outside the bar.

    The facility has had a troubled criminal past with drug dealing inside and other shootings outside, according to police.

    The city successfully pushed to have the bar shut down in the past, only to see it regain its liquor license and reopen.

    "The Taurus Club is in a highly residential neighborhood, predominantly residential, and it would stand to reason if the club wasn't there the problems associated with what goes on outside probably wouldn't exist either," said Officer Hartman.

    The bar is owned by Larry Livingston. NBC Connecticut was unable to reach him for comment.

    State Representative Gary Holder-Winfield, who is also a candidate for mayor, lives right down the street from the bar and has been outspoken about the place in the past.

    "We live here. This is where we want peace and if you can work together with the neighbors and the police to make sure that happens then it's fine and if you can't do that then it becomes a problem for us," said Holder-Winfield.

    For now, the bar remains open as the search for the suspect goes on.

    The victims are expected to recover from their injuries.