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“I Did It Because I Was So Angry”: Suspect

Read Victor Valcarcel's statement to New Britain Police.



    “I Did It Because I Was So Angry”: Suspect

    The New Britain man accused of shooting two supervisors at the Hospital for Special Care in New Britain said in court documents that he was so angry after a meeting with his supervisors that he wanted to kill Lynn Trask, 65, of Bristol, and his boss, Robert Barucci, 53, of Southington.

    At two points in his statements to police,  Victor Valcarcel Sr., 64, mentioned the dinner he had a home on Wednesday night after the shootings. He explained how he placed the gun in his jacket, went home to a dinner of cod (bacalao), boiled green plantains and yuatia and watched television with his wife.  

    "Today I was so mad, I was crazy and I wanted to kill Bob and Lynn, so I took the gun from under the floor board in the attic ... I told my wife that I was going back to work to get my things," Valcarcel said, according to the statement included in court documents.

    Valcarcel, a maintenance worker at the hospital, said he went to work about half an hour early for the second shift on Wednesday because he had picked his grandson up at school.

    When he signed in, there was a note next to his name. It said to clean the housekeeping closet in the building services department, Valcarcel said.

    Barucci had been adding on work and had fired two people in the last year or so, Valcarcel said.

    Valcarcel said he told Trask and Barucci he had too much to do and did not have time for a new job, went about the job he usually does and was then called to Barucci’s office and told he was being let go.

    Hospital officials released a statement on Thursday saying Valcarcel was not fired at the time of the shooting. Human resources, rather than supervisors, make the decision.

    When Valcarcel went home at 5:30 p.m., his wife asked what happened. He said he’d been fired.

    Then, he went up to the attic and got a gun from under the floorboards, he said.

    “I didn’t plan to use it(,) but I kept it in the house for protection,” Valcarcel said in the statement.

    When Valcarcel got back to the hospital, he walked over to Barucci’s office and saw his boss and Trask talking, Valcarcel said.

    “It happened so quick(,) I shot four times … I think they cried out, “Oh My God(.)” (T)hey fell to the ground. I think I shot Lynn once(,) then Bob once(,) then Lynn one more time and then Bob, like back and forth and back again.”

    Then, Valcarcel said, he went home, called his son, had dinner, watched TV with his wife and sent her to his daughter’s house.

    Valcarcel’s son called police. He told reporters on Wednesday that his father had snapped under pressures from work and taking care of his ailing wife. 

    “I am really sad that I shot those two people and I did it because I was so angry at them,” he said at the end of the statement.

    We have posted the full statement.