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Meriden Residents Pray for Justice After Religious Statue Thefts



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    Two Meriden residents reported to police that their Virgin Mary and St. Francis statues were stolen over the weekend.

    A Virgin Mary statue has stood in a Meriden family's front yard for 50 years, a wedding gift to Pat Mierzejewski and her late husband, Robert.

    But when Pat was leaving her home over the weekend, she noticed the statue no longer was there. So the family put up a sign asking the thief to bring the statue back.

    The theft likely happened Friday night or Saturday morning, Pat Mierzejewski said.

    "It meant a lot to us, maybe not to somebody else, but to us,” Mierzejewski said.

    The 4-foot statue weighs about 300 pounds. Tracks on the ground seem to indicate that the suspects rolled the statue to the curb before leaving with it, according to the Mierzejewski family.

    But that wasn’t the only statue that’s disappeared. Leonard Mierzejewski’s statue of St. Francis next door was stolen in the same time frame.

    “The world today I don't know the people we got around today, they'll take anything. It's a shame,” he said.

    Pat Mierzejewski filed a complaint with Meriden police, but officers have not made an arrest at this time.

    “I would just like whoever took it to either return it or have them get caught,” she said.

    Leonard Mierzejewski hopes the culprits are caught.

    “Give them a fine and put them in jail for a few days,” he said. “Let them know what it’s like.”

    With two religious statues missing, two owners are praying for justice.