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Middletown Man Accused of Assaulting Girlfriend



    Middletown Man Accused of Assaulting Girlfriend
    Middletown Police
    Steve Davignon, 41, of Middletown, was charged with second-degree assault after police found his girlfriend's eye was swollen shut and bleeding from the head.

    Middletown police arrested a 41-year-old local man who is accused of assaulting his girlfriend so badly that she was bleeding from the head and her left eye was swollen shut.

    Police arrested Steve Davignon, 41, of Middletown, after responding to a home on Thomas Street on Friday night to investigate a case of domestic violence.

    The couple had just returned home after a night of drinking at Denny’s and began accusing each other of cheating, the arraignment report said, and Davignon and the woman gave police different accounts of what happened.

    The girlfriend said Davignon, a self-confirmed martial artist, punched her in the eye and began stomping on her head when he could not find his keys.

    Davignon told officers that the woman began attacking him outside their house and by the time they made it inside, he had been trying to defend himself, pushed her and she fell and hit her head on a table.

    The woman had cuts on her face. Her left eye was bruised and swollen shut, and there was blood in her hair from a head injury, police said.

    According to police, there were signs of a struggle inside the residence, including blood on the bathroom floor and in the sink, on the bedroom floor and on articles of clothing in the bedroom.

    Davignon had swollen lips, cuts on his face, and a bump on his head.

    Based on the nature of the woman’s injuries, police arrested Davignon.

    After declining medical treatment, he was transported to Middletown Police headquarters, where he was charged with second degree assault and bond was set at $50,000. 

    The woman was charged with disorderly conduct.