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New Ordinances in Hartford for ATV Riders



    New Ordinances in Hartford for ATV Riders

    The City of Hartford has taken new steps to crack down noisy ATV’s and dirt bikes that means big fines and possibly jail time.

    Dozens of riders have been tearing through Hartford streets on their ATV’s and dirt bikes and they’re posting videos of their illegal moves on the internet.

    “It could cause an accident at any time I've actually had them cut me off,” explained Pasquale Castagna.

    Neighbors say the noise was unbearable and they needed it to stop.

    The problem is by law police can’t chase them.

    They can only ticket riders if they are stopped at a light or already pulled over.

    “They’re terrible. They keep you awake at night,” Castagna added.

    On Monday night, the Hartford City Council passed a new ordinance to try and make riders think twice about hitting the streets.

    It hiked up the current $99 fine. That means if you’re caught riding ATV’s and dirt bikes in Hartford, you will have to pay anywhere between $1,000-$2,000 and face 25 days in jail.

    The city will confiscate the rides too.

    “We're serious about this and we're definitely looking at other innovative ways to stop them from riding,” said City Councilor Joel Cruz.

    If Hartford businesses that sell those ATV’s and dirt bikes don’t post the new ordinance on their door and explain it to customers, they will be fined too.

    “Knowing they know they can ride these things without being chased we need all the support we can get,” Cruz explained.

    Some said the penalties weren’t enough and would not keep the riders off the streets.

    “They'll be back right there the next day or two days later,” Pasquale Castagna said.

    City Councilors admitted the penalties were all they could impose because of the no chase policy.

    “There will always be someone who says I don't care, but there might be someone who thinks of the fine and doesn’t do it,” Joel Cruz said.

    The new law goes into effect in 30 days.