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No Holiday for Police Boat

Old Saybrook Police patrol river and Long Island Sound



    No Holiday for Police Boat
    Police are patrolling the waters on this holiday.

    The state boat launch beneath Interstate 95 attracts boaters to the Connecticut River, but just as on the road, they have to observe speed limits on the water.

    There's a posted “no wake” zone between the launch and the railroad bridge downstream to protect boats docked in the marinas.

    In one hour on the morning of the Fourth of July, two wake violations drew the attention of Old Saybrook police in their boat between the bridges.

    One boater was given a written warning.

    The other, who police chased down with lights and siren, faces fines not just for going too fast but also for boating without a license. He told police he didn't know he needed a license.

    Earlier in the day, police stopped a boat for a wake violation and discovered three cases of illegal fireworks. They seized rockets and shells, which were to be turned over for disposal to the State Police Bomb Squad.