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Sinkhole Forces Bristol Couple From Home

A tiny crack in a floor has grown to now split the couple's living room in two.



    Sinkhole Forces Bristol Couple From Home
    NBC Connecticut
    Brigitte and Jim Michaud are moving out of their home on Daly Street in Bristol because a sinkhole under the foundation has made it unsafe for them to live there.

    A Bristol couple is being forced from their home because a sinkhole is opening up under the foundation.

    What started as a tiny crack in the first-floor living room of Brigitte and Jim Michaud's house at 142 Daly Street, has now split the home in two.

    "Two engineers have told us now that this house is unsafe," Brigitte Michaud said.

    The engineers told the Michauds the sinkhole underneath the house is causing the floor to cave in and support beams to move.

    The couple doesn't stay in the first floor of their house anymore. They stay on second floor on the side of the house that is farthest from the sinkhole, where they believe it’s safer.

    What has made matters worse for the Michauds is that their insurance policy doesn't cover damage from sinkholes. Repairs could cost more than $100,000.

    "It's way too expensive we can't take on another mortgage to fix this house, since we still owe on this house," said Jim Michaud.

    With no way to pay for repairs, the couple are packing up 30 years of memories and looking for a place to rent.

    It is unclear what will happen to the home once the Michaud’s leave.