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Abandoned Dog Found on Merritt Parkway Needs Donations: Woodbridge Animal Control

A dog struck by two cars on the Merritt Parkway is on the mend after surgery to amputate a shattered leg, and Woodbridge Animal Control is looking for donations to help with her medical expenses.

According to Woodbridge Municipal Animal Control, a Department of Transportation worker witnessed the dog, now known as Merritt, being struck by two SUVs on July 15.

Woodbridge Animal Control responded to pick Merritt up and discovered she was “chewed to pieces,” with chew marks and scars up her legs, across her chest and up onto her head. Officers believe she may have been used as a bait dog.

Merritt was rushed to the veterinarian where a surgeon determined the damage to one of her legs was so bad, they opted to amputate it.

The surgery was successful and Merritt is currently being fostered by an animal control officer. She has racked up $5,000 in medical bills, and will still need therapy to learn how to live without her leg.

Animal Control is looking to identify the person who abandoned Merritt. Anyone who recognizes Merritt should contact them at

Those interested in donating to Merritt’s care can contact Woodbridge Animal Control or mail checks to ONE BIG DOG, 135 Bradley Road, Woodbridge CT 06525.

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