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Another Smoky, Hazy Morning in CT Due to Western Wildfires

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It is another smoky, hazy morning in Connecticut because of smoke from wildfires in the west.

There have been fires in 13 states, more than a million acres have burned, and the smoke is coming across the continent, causing smoky skies in Connecticut again this morning.

On Tuesday, the smoke prompted the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to warn of fine particles in the air that could be unhealthy for sensitive groups such as people with heart or lung disease, older adults and children and teens.

A cold front that is approaching will get rid of the smoke, but it will bring the chance of storms.

Doctors said smoke has a lot of combustibles, carbon monoxide and other gases.

“If you’ve ever been around a campfire before you’ll notice if you get a big hit of smoke, your eyes are instantly burning, so on a more dilute, but prolonged exposure, if you’re walking outside, that can cause a lot of upper airway irritation. You may notice some increased mucus production, sinus congestion,” Dr. James Mazo, regional medical director for occupational health and safety for Trinity Health Of New England, said.

Doctors said it could really bother people with asthma, COPD and other pre-existing respiratory conditions.

 “People will find themselves more limited,” Dr. Richard Krinsky, a pulmonologist with Hartford HealthCare, said.

He said people get out of breath more easily.

“They’ll find that their energy levels are reduced, so it’s been really a problem, even people who haven’t been having problems lately are having problems,” he said.

Doctors recommend that you limit your time outside today or try to fit activities in during the early mornings.

If you have to work outside this afternoon, or your children are doing outdoor activities, Krinsky recommends limiting high strenuous sport activities.

“I would make sure everybody stays well hydrated. I would plan frequent breaks for rest in that and really if it’s really hot and humid, with the particulates we’re dealing with, alternate activities certainly would not be a bad idea,” he said.

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