As NY Gas Rationing Begins, Fairfield Station Has Dry Pumps

Gas rationing goes into effect in New York City and on Long Island today, but some Connecticut gas stations near the New York border are also having problems at the pumps.

The Stratfield Service Center in Fairfield on Friday morning had a sign on the pumps that says, “Sorry – out of all grades of gasoline. Delivery expected any time. Thank you!!” 

The gas station clerk said they ran out of fuel and couldn't get a delivery because of the nor'easter this week.

They are hoping to get back to normal and get a delivery later today.

But, on Friday morning, drivers pulled up to the Stratfield Road station only to turn right back around.
Mark Sicilian, of Trumbull said he is fed up with gasoline shortage.

"It's kind of ridiculous," he said. "Kind of makes it tough, because every gas station you go to is out of gas."

Last week, Greenwich gas stations were seeing long lines and a draw on supply when drivers from New York headed over the border to fill up their gas tanks and cans.

The New York gas rationing plan is to “reduce the potential for disorder” caused by frustration and long lines after Sandy caused so much damage, according to NBC New York.

New York cars with even-numbered license plates will be allowed to purchase gas on even days while drivers with odd-numbered plates are allowed on odd days.

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