Bag It! A Local Mom Creates an Eco-Friendly Snack Bag


It's an idea to save the planet -- one snack bag at a time.

Kristin Webster is an Avon mom who has spent years packing her kids' snacks.

"I ran out of plastic baggies one day as I'm packing snacks we're getting ready to go somewhere, and I'm like I cannot buy another box of these bags," said Webster.

The former schoolteacher googled snack bags and found nothing. Necessity being the mother of invention, she invented what she hopes will become a necessity -- ReSnackIt -- a reusable sandwich and snack bag.

"We can do this and we can do it kinda cool, it doesn't have to be utilitarian to take small steps to become a little more green," said Webster.

Most of her friends thought she had a great idea, but when she got ReSnackIt bags into Whole Foods, that little idea took off.

"We've saved over a little over 10 million plastic baggies from being thrown away just from what we've sold in little less than a year, so that's cool, that's really cool," said Webster.

The bags come in all kinds of fun designs -- from skateboards and soccer bags to ladybugs.

The snack bags are also being sold at elementary schools as fundraisers.  Click here for more information on where to buy ResnackIt bags.

This budding business woman is happy to know she's helping make a daily ritual for moms and dads -- a little more green.

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