Bolton Dairy Farm's Eggnog is a Family Christmas Tradition

People rushed to get eggnog at Fish Family Farm in Bolton, a holiday tradition for some.

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For the last ten years, Sarah Walton and her family have spent Christmas sipping on fresh eggnog from Fish Family Farm in Bolton.

"It's a tradition," said Walton. "It tastes better than anything I have had."

Two days before Christmas, we met several other families rushing to the farm to pick up the famous holiday treat.

"We love this eggnog. It's the only kind I'll drink," said Frank Godfrey, who stopped by the farm in the middle of his work day. "I wanted to make sure we had some."

The Fish family has been making their eggnog onsite since the 1980s, when Don Fish bought the farm.

"I picked this farm out when I was six years old. I rode by on the school bus and wanted to be a farmer on this farm," said Don Fish.

He ended up buying the farm when he was 35-years-old and has been working on the dairy farm ever since. Now, it's a family effort.

His granddaughter Ava, 16, takes care of the cows. They have about 70 dairy cows.

"We all do something different on the farm," said Ava Campbell.

Customers praised the eggnog for how rich and creamy it is. Don Fish said that is because they use Jersey cows.

"The jersey cows, for one thing, give a much better milk and of course that's the main ingredient," said Fish.

In the summers they are known for their ice-cream, but by the time the holidays roll around, they struggle to keep eggnog on the shelf.

"We cannot make enough eggnog. Every year we think we have plenty and we have to scramble to make more," said Sandy Fish, who manages the store.

By 10:30 Thursday morning, Sandy said they had already run out and had to bottle more eggnog for customers.

It's a welcome boost for the small business, but they are also thankful that they can help make the holidays extra sweet for others.

"We get to be a part of other peoples' family traditions and that's big," said Ava Campbell.

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