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‘Bone Finder' Assists Police in Jennifer Dulos Investigation

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More than a year and a half after a New Canaan mother of five disappeared, police were back investigating at a Farmington home once connected to her estranged husband.

Fotis Dulos was charged with his estranged wife Jennifer Dulos' murder before taking his own life last year. He had maintained his innocence. Jennifer Dulos, who went missing in 2019, has never been found.

Tuesday, detectives spent hours investigating old leads at the Mountain Spring Road property, which was owned by Fotis Dulos’ company The Fore Group. It has since been foreclosed on and is now for sale by the bank.

Police searched here before, but Tuesday the high interest case got a high-tech boost.

A New Hampshire man known around the world for locating unmarked graves and buried headstones was asked to help.

He spoke exclusively to NBC Connecticut.

Bob Perry uses ground penetrating radar, technology that provides a very detailed picture of what’s underground. We spoke to him minutes after he left the scene.

“We went in the woods and there’s actually probably a number of different areas that we ended up cleaning out. There was four locations that I determined that there was disturbed soil,” said Perry, who is called the “Bone Finder.”

Perry said he marked these areas with flags for officers to dig into.

“We found four areas, I should say. There were four areas that showed low probability, low probability, meaning it showed void, it showed disturbance in the soil, but there was no anomalies in that disturbance,” said Perry, whose company is called TopoGraphix.  

While he scanned the grounds and officers and K9s searched the area, community members stopped by to see what process was being made in the case.

“It’s a continuing saga with a great deal of sorrow all around,” said Avon resident John Caruson.

Those who spoke with NBC Connecticut want justice for Jennifer Dulos and her family and some closure for them too.

“I hope they make some progress in this case. It’s a long protracted process,” said Caruson.

State police did not provide any details of Tuesday’s search, including if anything was found.

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